Slate Cleaning, Sealing, Enhancing / Kansas City

Cleaned, Sealed, Enhanced Slate

Imagine your dull, unattractive slate floor restored to its beautiful, rustic texture. Midwest Tile & Stone Medic can remove heavy waxes, floor finishes and soap residue from your slate floor and restore the dark, earthy tones to your slate finish. We can resolve chipping, scratches, and virtually any other slate problem.

Slate is a waterproof, stain-resistant natural stone and a beautiful flooring material that comes in a smooth or cleft (rough) finish. Slate scratches and chips more easily than other natural stone, and its appearance can become dull and dingy from aggressive cleaning, heavy wax build-up, floor finishes, or soap residue.

We offer slate restoration services, as well as finishing services using color enhancing and topical coatings and sealers. We can achieve the look you want for your slate, from gloss or matte to a low-luster finish. Contact us online or call (816) 868-4004 today for a free estimate.


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