Granite Repair and Polishing / Kansas City

Granite Problems Resolved

If your granite has become water-stained, chipped or otherwise damaged, it can be revitalized to its original, elegant state. Midwest Tile & Stone Medic can restore any dull, scratched, or chipped granite surface.

Granite is a very hard stone, but with the proper equipment in the hands of highly qualified technicians, it can be repaired, honed and polished to reveal the brand new surface that lies beneath.

We can resolve virtually any granite problem, including:

  • Refinishing (restoring or changing the finish)
  • Lippage Removal (leveling uneven floor tiles)
  • Crack and Chip Repair
  • Sealing / Protecting
  • Stain Removal

Granite is a porous surface that should be professionally sealed every one to two years. Whether your granite needs to be diamond honed, re-polished, repaired, or cleaned and sealed, we can perform these services for you. Contact us online or call (816) 868-4004 today for a free estimate.